Right back where I started 2019

I am pretty sure this dog owned the beach. He just came right up to me, looked me over and promptly had a lay down. He did this even though his human was slowly strolling along the water. He stayed even when his human stopped. He stayed even when he was called. He only left after the angst that I brought down to beach with me left. Thank you little dog. January 2019

I am not sure when the depression set in but when it did I was very unprepared for the darkness it brought along. I was sad and the world appeared very much like the dull black and white photo to the right. January 2019

Maine in February. In the middle of a funk, I had some time off and opted to take advantage of an open invitation to visit a close friend. Maybe this was the first of many actions that allowed me time. February 2019

A New York slice fixed me. No, seriously it did. Those pink lights ruin any chance of getting a good photo indoors but work like a pink room at a psychiatric safe room. February 2019

My wife conjuring a storm, just one of her many talents. March 2019

Another talent she has is following deer trails and telling me the path is real and listed on her trail app. When you don't have a map or an app you follow along behind and ignore the deer pellets. April 2019

My boy who is a man. He has worked just about every fast food job out there. He is a welder. He lives a simple life and speaks his mind to all but me. He loves his dog and his cat and me. March 2019

I am glad that she chose to call me friend. We have been intermingling in one another's space since 2013. She has a wonderful husband, 3 boys and two fur babies. June 2019

Dallas, Texas for probably the last time. June 2019
Buffalo wings.
Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York
June 2019

These two have been a constant source of support and
encouragement for a very long time. They have moved from
Dallas to New York to Maine to Dallas and back to Maine in
the time I have known them. In between all those moves
they have traveled the world. One left health care to make art
and the other dove deeper into it. They love each other.
Maine, USA
June 2019

Spicy Beef Udon     Sushi Genki      Penticton, BC   July 2019  

The woman in the background is a DNP. She could have
gone to medical school and easily passed the exams and survived
the schedule but she chose to stay a nurse. She is now works
as an intensivest and is an associate professor. The elderly woman
in the middle is actively having a NSTEMI. Her daughter, the one in white
has no clue. Neither did the ER nurse taking the photo or the DNP.

If you want good tacos in Portland find this mural and go through the door to the left, walk all the way back through the grocery store into a very busy counter service restaurant. Hint: you have to cross a bridge to get there.   
September 2019

This was a good day of discovery.
September 2019

Sizzle Pie. Portland Oregon.
September 2019
These colors appear in nature, on the same small beach and someone took the
time to make art. Thank you.
September 2019

Strong successful independent women
Austin, Texas
September 2019

Justine's. I loved this place. I loved the diversity
of the patrons and the level of service.
Austin, Texas
September 2019

This man. I have vivid memories of him sitting
in a high chair at Poncho's Mexican Buffet
eating rice and beans. Look at him now.
San Antonio, Texas
October 2019

How is it that I did not get a face shot of this woman???
I guess the shot of the tattoo about sums her up though. She appears
like any other woman (maybe a bit of a soft butch woman but
a woman all the same) and her secret weapon is her heart of gold
and a loyalty to family and God that rivals even the most
devout. Love ya girl!
San Antonio, Texas
October 2019

For the love of meat pile it high because the tortillas really are the star here. Oh and you can't buy extra. Seriously.
Carnitas Lonja, San Antonio, Texas.
October 2019
Sat here for an hour with my best friend.
Could have sat there all day.
San Antonio, Texas
October 2019

Just a bit of light reading.

Best Brisket. No joke.
Lee's Smoke
Victoria, BC, Canada
October 2019

50 years. 50 years. 50.

Bangkok, Thailand
November 2019

Tuk Tuk and loving it.
Bangkok, Thailand
November 2019

A monk took this photo
Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand
November 2019

Best day

Happy wife.
Somewhere in the Andaman Sea, Thailand
November 2019


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