Love Affair with New York City

I don't want to live there but I most certainly want to spend uninterrupted weeks there.  Weeks of walking until my feet ache, having coffee at little local cafes, reading books on park benches, having friend dates that last hours upon hours with conversations on topics I know nothing about,  watching people make art, make music, make love...not sex...but love like when they see one another on the street and hug one another as if trying to keep the other from falling off the face of the earth. Drinks, my God you can't forget the drinks. Cocktails served by surly women and effeminate men in places that have been around since before I was around. I want to taste and savor all the flavors. I want to be so immersed and so saturated in New York that I only realize it is time to leave the night before when I get a text notifying me to check in for my flight the next day. I want to feel totally devastated  but relieved when the realization that instead of finding myself I was on the verge of losing myself.


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