Since moving to British Columbia in 2012 I have spent many awestruck hours watching surfers dive into the frigid waters of the Juan De Fuca Strait and the Pacific Ocean. In this time I have frequently been an unwilling participant in the road race made up of old beat up cars, trucks and vans all proudly displaying a surfboard or two.  These unadvertised races lead their participants to remote parking lots and roadsides where the drivers and passengers jump out just as the car is stopped only to begin the next race which includes public nudity and putting on a black skin tight suit made of thick neoprene.Once dressed the surfer will tuck the surfboard under an arm and start down the well worn forested path leading to the water's edge. The life of a surfer is not to be confused with a lifestyle, doing so would diminish the importance of the race to the waves or the deliberate action of jumping headfirst into an environment which the only thing you can control is you. 
Tofino, BC

Jordan River, BC

Sombrio Beach, BC

Jordan River, BC


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